About Me

I’m just another girl living out my life with my better half miles away from home country India, in the beautiful country of UK. When I am not working full-time, I create and sell ecofriendly, shabby chic & modern country home decor stuff and devote a lot of time learning new things to cook and studying up healthy ways to eat and live. In practice, I can say I am not always successful at eating healthy nutritious stuff, but I try to reduce the unhealthy ingredients as much as I can and that is the motto!

Food and I – What I like, how I like it & my inspiration

When it comes to food, I can be quite adventurous  but within the realm of being a strict vegan. I can say that my taste buds are pretty developed and I have a major appreciation for flavours, which I think is the most important thing in food. My biggest inspiration when it comes to food is most definitely the best cook in the world, my mom. She exposed me to cooking at an early age, and although I hated cooking when in college and in India, I cannot thank her enough and remember her each day for all the things she taught me. She made the yummiest food and made a variety of cuisines at home and although the lunch is prety similar in every gujarati household, she made every dinner a special dinner as it would always vary – one day it would be southindian, the other chinese, one day chaats, the next day healthy traditional kutchi food!

I never diet! Offlate, I just try to eat more healthy food. And by healthy food, I mean I try to add healthy ingredients like superfoods to my food and reduce intake of obviously unhealthy ingredients like oil, ghee, etc.

Ofcourse I love Indian food, but I confess that I cant eat it everyday living in the UK as I find it very tedious to whip up a balanced indian meal that I am used to. I think I easily adapt to different cuisines and although I love italian, mexican & thai food amongst others, currently my food eating habits do not belong to any particular cuisine but can be only categorized as being more healthy.

Desserts are my weakness, and since I do not believe in diets, I convince myself that desserts are okay (even everyday!!!). For me, when I succesfully eat healthy all day, desserts at the end of the day become guilt-free pleasures instead of guilty pleasures! 🙂

Also, having started this eating healthy business, I also confess that I do this successfully only 4-5 days a week, rest of the days including weekends, I eat like any normal person 😉

I do not abstain from anything, I just practice a bit of portion control and replace traditional ingredients with healthier ones.

I have so far seen no change in my body weight, but thats never been the motivation. Losing weight works only in combination with healthy amount of exercise which i lack. I just want to try and eat healthy to not put on more weight, make healthy eating a habit, and hopefully be less susceptable to health problems.

My cooking style is very informal and haphazard. If you have seen Jamie Oliver cooking, then you know what I am talking about. I hardly ever measure things (except when it comes to baking) and do a lot of experimenting in the kitchen. That is one reason I wont be putting in measures in my recipes unless its a bakery item.

I love watching cookery shows on TV – from Jamie Oliver to Ina Garten, anything and everything goes. Nigella gets on my nerves nowadays 🙂 I am still awaiting a pure vegeterian food show series!

With this blog, I plan to begin my journey towards eating consciously and I hope you will come, read and enjoy with me! Hopefully it will inspire you to start your own someday!

I am thankful to my beautiful parents, sister, my immediate and extended family and all my beautiful friends who have always encouraged and motivated me in all my pursuits. Last but not the least, I thank my gorgeous hubby who not only always eats with love and wonderment all the different concoctions of dishes (and trust me, they are not always bursting with tremedous flavour) I put in front of him on the table, but also inspires and encourages me to do whatever I love. I seriously would not have been able to experiment like I do if it wasn’t for Him! A big thank you to all of you! 🙂

I plan to add lot of researched information on healthy ingredients and superfoods, general articles and tons of recipes for a healthier lifestyle. You can subscibe to this blog, and you will receive articles and recipes directly via email.





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