‘Full of Greens’ Kebabs – Hara Bhara Kebabs

Originally called ‘Hara Bhara Kebabs’, which I took the liberty to convert to easy-to-understand ‘Full of Greens’ Kebabs are a very popular Indian vegetarian starter/ appetizer that you will find in many restaurants serving north-indian food.

By far, this has always been one of my favorite foods to eat as a starter. These are delicate, subtle yet full of flavour, these look gorgeous and they just melt in your mouth and leave you wanting for more. And whats more, these are deep fried (can be pan fried) but full of nutritious greens! My all time favorite place to eat these in Mumbai used to be at its popular ‘Copper Chimney’ restaurant.  I definitely need to make sure I visit the place when I visit Mumbai soon. It has been a really really long time 🙂

The original recipe calles for only spinach, but I love adding lots of mint and coriander to it as well. Its full of greens after all, so why not. I love the taste of coriander and mint, so any excuse to add these in recipes!

These taste best when served with a delicate yet flavourful mint and yogurt dip. Yum!


8 cups  spinach leaves (I used baby spinach leaves) – 1-2 cups after blanching and chopping finely

3/4 cups green peas – boiled and mashed

3 medium potatoes – boiled and mashed or grated

1/3 cup finely chopped coriander leaves (can reduce quantity)

1/4 cup finely chopped mint leaves (optional)

4 green chillies -finely chopped

1.5 tbsp ginger – finely chopped (or use 1.5 tsp ginger paste)

Salt to taste

2 tsp chaat masala (tangy powder-mix found in Indian stores)

juice of 1/2 lime

1 tsp cumin powder

3 tbsp corn flour

oil for deep frying

cashew halves for decoration


1) Blanch spinach in salted boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove and add in cold water. Squeeze out all the water by squeezing between palms in batches. Finely chop the blanched spinach. Add to a big bowl.

2) To the bowl with spinach, add all the other ingredients except cornflour and oil. Mix the ingredients, taste and adjust salt.

3) Add cornflour and bind gently with hands. Be careful not to over bind. Divide the mixture into small dough balls and create a 2-inch round kebab shape pressing between your palms. If the mixture is too loose or watery, it needs more cornflour to bind. Press half a cashew on top for decoration and taste. I love the cashew taste with the kebab.

4) Heat oil in a pan. When really hot, add kebabs 2-3 at a time and deep fry until done.

5) Serve hot with mint and yogurt dip (recipe coming soon) and/or salad leaves. Delicious!


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